Our story 

FarPlay is a labor of love, created by musicians for musicians.

It is the brain-child of acclaimed jazz pianist and composer Dan Tepfer. Beginning in 2020, he channeled his concern about Covid-induced social isolation into a software development effort designed to bring musicians together over the internet. Dan then teamed up with veteran VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) developer — and theoretical physics PhD — Anton Runov to create FarPlay, which launched in public beta in October 2021.

In January 2022, Dan and Anton turned FarPlay into a full-fledged startup. A few months later, Martyna Goralska added her background in management and organizational skills to the team, becoming its director of operations. FarPlay launched in full release in July 2022.

Who we are

President — Dan Tepfer

Chief Technology Officer — Anton Runov

Director of Operations — Martyna Goralska

Director of Communications — David Liao

Corporate headquarters:
80 Winthrop St, Brooklyn NY 11225

Reach out to the FarPlay team using our contact page.