Trusted by thousands of musicians, Farplay brings the joy and intimacy of live performance and practice online. Explore which option is right for you. FarPlay can be used free without a subscription.


Always Free


For individual musicians or teachers who are looking to play one-on-one for 45 min.

Included In Free:

Studio-quality sound
Built-in video
Create 1-to-1 sessions limited to 45 min
Join multi-user sessions
No account needed


First Month Free


For groups of musicians or teachers who are looking to play for an unlimited time and record mixes.

Everything In Free, Plus:

Create multi-user sessions
Priority email support
Unlimited session length
Authorize up to 3 devices
Record audio mixes 
Personal Meeting Room
Record combined session video


First Month Free


For groups of musicians or teachers who are looking to play for an unlimited time, make studio-quality multi-track recordings, and use Broadcast Output.

Everything In Standard, Plus:

Multi-track recording
Multi-channel Broadcast Output
Authorize up to 5 devices
Multi-track video recording

💡 For a FarPlay session to have the benefits of a subscription (for example, sessions longer than 45 minutes), only the person initiating the session needs to have a subscription.



Built-in Video

Studio-quality sound

State-of-the-art ultra-low latency

Join unlimited length multi-user sessions

Create 1-to-1 sessions limited to 45 minutes

Create unlimited, persistent multi-user sessions

Personal Meeting Rooms


Email support

Priority support

Mix Recording

Multi-track recording

Multi-track video recording

Multi-channel Broadcast Output

Device authorizations






Play Video

To get a FarPlay subscription, visit your account or sign up. Once logged in to your account, click Subscribe to FarPlay Standard or Subscribe to FarPlay Standard+.

Once subscribed, you’ll need to authorize your computer. First, open the FarPlay app on your computer and click Log in / Subscribe on the welcome page. This will take you to your account on the website, where you’ll see a New Device Authorization for your computer. Click Authorize this device. Finally, return to the FarPlay app. You’ll now have access to premium features.