FarPlay is free to download and use at the FarPlay Free level.
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FarPlay 1.2.7 was released May 8th 2024. Release notes.
We invite you to test and provide feedback for FarPlay 1.3.0 beta. Notes.
Download here: Mac | Windows | Linux
Previous FarPlay releases can be downloaded here.

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Note for Windows:

Starting with version 0.3.7, FarPlay supports native Windows audio devices, so you can use FarPlay immediately with your computer’s integrated audio device, without any additional downloads. FarPlay also supports ASIO devices and drivers, which will give you the best possible latency. We have more information on optimizing your Windows setup here.


Note for Linux:

Starting with version 0.3.7, FarPlay includes experimental support for Jack and PulseAudio. For the best latency, use ALSA or Jack. Jack should be configured to run at 48kHz to work with FarPlay. Also, the buffer size in preferences is ignored when Jack is used; FarPlay will use jackd’s Frames/Period value instead. PulseAudio generally has higher latency than JACK or ALSA, but might be good for Broadcast Output or less latency-critical scenarios.