Yes, you can use FarPlay entirely for free. Simply download the FarPlay app, start a session, share your session ID with the other participant, and start playing. No account or subscription is needed. Note that the FarPlay Free mode won’t support more than two participants, and there is a limit of 45 minutes per session.

No, you can use FarPlay in FarPlay Free mode without creating an account or registering. To access premium FarPlay features such as unlimited session length, multi-user sessions, and multi-track recording, you’ll need a FarPlay subscription.

Yes. Like other communication software, FarPlay requires a dedicated app. All participants in a session should download the latest version of FarPlay from

Not yet. As of May 2023, we don’t yet have a mobile version of FarPlay, although we intend to develop one in the future.

No, only the person initiating the session needs to have a subscription in order for the session to have premium features like multi-user capability and unlimited session length. Other participants don’t need to have a subscription.

This means you have not yet authorized your device. Authorizing your device is a simple process, detailed here:

FarPlay aims to deliver studio-quality sound between users with the absolute smallest possible delay. In order to achieve this, we do not do echo-cancellation, a process that alters incoming audio and also increases latency. Hence, FarPlay users will hear an echo of their own sound if headphones are not being used, as the sound coming out of the speakers feeds back into the microphone. There are exceptions to this rule: if, for example, you are using a directional microphone as your input and your speakers are distant from the microphone, the feedback may be minimized to the point of being functionally inaudible. Also, if you’re not using a microphone for your input (for example, an electric guitar with a pickup, or a digital keyboard), then feel free to not use headphones.

Zoom and other videoconferencing apps buffer and compress. This allows them to work with even very basic internet connections, but these processes degrade the sound and greatly increase latency. FarPlay aims to make you feel like you’re in the same room as the people you’re connecting with, and as such, we send studio-quality sound and we limit our buffering to the absolute minimum. This puts higher demands on your internet connection.

These missing files are standard Windows components. In rare cases, it seems that they are missing from people’s computers. They can be downloaded directly from Microsoft here.