Tech support

Use our support forum (best!)

Please use our forum for tech support whenever possible. The forum is the fastest way to get answers from our team, and other users can answer your questions too. We’re using the forum so that answers can be found by other people with the same question.

Email us

If it’s not possible to post your question in the forum, you can email us at Please describe the problem you’re having (or that you have solved) specifically. Please include as much information as you can about your platform (Mac, Windows, or Linux), your audio equipment (example: “I’m using Apple EarPods”), your network connection (example: Ethernet cable from computer to main router), your internet connection (example: gigabit fiber internet), and what you’ve tried so far.

Come to our monthly tech support sessions

Our next monthly tech support session is Sunday, February 18th, 2024 2pm-3:30pm New York time (8pm-9:30pm Central European time). Sign up! Monthly tech support sessions are available at no additional cost to subscribers.

Other inquiries

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Email us

If you’d like to be featured and share how you use FarPlay — whether it be for lessons, rehearsals, jam sessions, or conversations — please let us know by emailing us at This is also where we receive business inquiries.