Reply To: Farplay can’t access USB webcam (MacOS)

Hi Jack, are you able to see video in FarPlay from any other camera (like your Mac’s built-in FaceTime camera)? What model of USB webcam are you trying to use?

Here are some things you can try.

  1. Quit FarPlay. Disconnect your USB webcam. Reconnect your USB webcam. Try using your webcam in FarPlay again.
  2. Check whether your USB webcam has custom software with privacy settings. Check for 3rd-party security software with camera privacy settings.
  3. Reset camera permissions for FarPlay: Run tccutil reset Camera io.farplay.client from the macOS terminal. Open FarPlay. Open a session. Start video. When your Mac says, ‘”FarPlay” would like to access the camera,” click OK.
  4. Run FarPlay from the Terminal: In the Applications folder, Control+Click FarPlay. Select “Show Package Contents.” Double-click “Contents” and then “MacOS.” Double-click the FarPlay executable. Whether this solves the problem or not, we would love to provide additional suggestions using a copy of the terminal output. Note: The terminal output shows the session ID. IP addresses and usernames might also appear in the terminal output. If you prefer, email the terminal output to us privately at, and we can respond here referring to relevant portions without revealing the session ID, etc.

Thank you,
David Liao

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