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Physical distance is about 50 miles.

I’m not sure about the remote user(s), but my provider is Spectrum. I ran speed tests from Spectrum and a couple of other sites, consistently getting 350 Mbps download, 11 Mbps upload, so probably upload is a limit. One of the sites also measured latency and jitter, at 60 and 56 ms respectively. I don’t think there is another provider in my area. There is a (considerably) higher priced plan that claims 500/35 or maybe 500/mbps down/up speeds. Would hitting 35-50 mbps upload noticeably improve performance for Farplay? I read somewhere that latency (or ping?) can be high even with fast down/up, but I’m not sure I understood that correctly. Nobody advertises latency, just speed.

I am pretty sure I recall seeing a buffer setting in the Universal Control app for the Audiobox 96, but I can’t find it now. (Farplay window indicates the buffer is controlled by the interface) I believe there was very little change in latency between say 16-64 buffer. Currently at 64 buffer, which shows 1.3 ms. The local latency with Farplay running, shows 8-10 ms.

This started as a simple question about a better way to add a metronome, butI’m guessing from your respons that the answer is to get latency down such that both the music and local (physical) metronome play without lag? At any rate, I appreciate any advice.

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