FarPlay enables you to play music with others over the internet as if you were in the same room. With unmatched audio delay mitigation, multi-user sessions, and multi-track recording capabilities, FarPlay is revolutionizing virtual music performance, rehearsals, and coaching sessions.

We aim to take away the barriers to online collaboration.
Just download FarPlay, connect with another musician,
and start playing! No registration required.

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"@FarPlayApp is FABULOUS! This app is amazing! AND the latency is closer and closer! Thank you!"

Susan Eichhorn Young @seyvoice, Twitter

"This is a great application for rehearsals - music and acting, coaching, music therapy."

JoseSPiano@JoseSPiano, Twitter

@FarPlayApp is awesome! This is a game changer for music practice over the internet.

Christopher Arnold @b1tw1se, Twitter


FarPlay transports audio so efficiently that you can play music, teach lessons, conduct interviews, or talk as if you were together in the same room, even though you might be hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

It’s as easy to use as Zoom, without Zoom’s latency. It just works, allowing you to start playing music in minutes.