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FarPlay’s input mixer was first introduced with version 1.2.4. Starting with version 1.3.0 beta, FarPlay’s input mixer lets you combine audio from multiple audio devices, making it convenient to bring backing tracks into your session, for example.

1. Open the mixer

  • Under Devices, click the Microphone: pull-down menu and select Input Mixer (2nd item).
  • If the input mixer is already selected as your microphone, you can also open the mixer by clicking the Input Mixer button in the Channels: section under You (…).
  • Another way to open the mixer when it’s selected is to click the View menu and choose Show Mixer.

2. Create a mix

Note: Starting with FarPlay 1.3.0 beta, it’s no longer necessary to create an aggregate audio device to bring audio into FarPlay from multiple sources.
  • Create tracks and adjust gains and pans as you would in other audio software.
  • Use the Mixer Output drop-down menu to choose to send a Stereo mix or a Mono mix to your session. Sending mono uses half as much bandwidth.
  • To add a track, click the circled plus icon.
  • Use the Input pull-down menu for a track to select the audio device to use for that track. If you want to prioritize the latency of a particular audio device, select that device as the input for Track 1 (at the left).
  • Underneath the device name for a track, use the pull-down menu to choose the channels you’d like to use for that track.
  • To drag all the gain sliders together, hold the Command key while dragging a slider.