FarPlay subscribers can create sessions with more than two participants.
  • In multi-user sessions, a side-panel appears to the right. The Monitor slider under Remote Sound in the main panel at the left manages the level of the overall mix, and the Gain sliders in the side-panel at the right control the individual levels the remote participants contributing to the overall mix.
  • In multi-user sessions, dragging the latency slider in the main panel at the left drags the individual latency sliders in the side-panel at the right. You can individually drag the latency sliders in the panel at the right to manage latency separately for individual remote users.
Screenshot of FarPlay's main window in a multi-user session. The window has two main panels. In the panel on the left, in the section for Remote Sound, the Monitor slider (set to 0 dB), the latency slider, and the Auto button (in its active, blue state) are highlighted. In the side panel on the right, there are sections for two remote users, with obscured names. For each remote user, highlighting is applied to a Gain slider, a latency slider, and an Auto button, shown in the active, blue state. The green bars under all three latency sliders (the one on the left and the two on the right) are all zoomed in to fill the full width of the slider.