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  1. Creating an account
  2. Adding a subscription
  3. Authorizing a device
  4. Deauthorizing a device
  5. Creating a Personal Meeting Room
  6. Using the Waiting Room
  7. Changing your subscription
  8. Canceling your subscription

Creating an account

  1. To create an account, go to and follow the instructions.
  2. You should receive a confirmation email. If you don’t, check your SPAM folder.
  3. In your confirmation email, click the link to complete your registration.

Adding a subscription to an account

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click Subscribe to FarPlay Standard, Subscribe to FarPlay Standard+, or Subscribe to FarPlay For Teachers as desired. Follow the instructions. A message should appear confirming that your subscription has been created.

Authorizing a device

  1. Open the FarPlay app.
  2. In the main FarPlay window, click the “Log in / Subscribe” button.
  3. In the My Account page that appears, click the “Authorize this device” button. A message should appear that confirms that you authorized your computer to use your FarPlay subscription.
Three screenshots. The Log in / Subscribe button is highlighted near the middle of FarPlay's welcome screen. The Log in / Subscribe button is shown to bring up a My Account page in which an "Authorize this device" button is highlighted. This button is shown to bring up an updated version of the My Account page showing a confirmation that the device has been authorized.

Deauthorizing a device

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. In the list of Authorized devices, find the device you want to deauthorize and click its Deauthorize This Device button.

Creating a Personal Meeting Room

FarPlay features Personal Meeting Rooms, allowing you to use a permanent, dedicated invitation link for all your sessions. You also have the option of creating a one-time invitation link if you prefer. This feature is particularly useful for teachers, who can give students their Personal Meeting Room’s invitation link once and keep using it for as many sessions as they’d like.
  1. To use Personal Meeting Rooms, first go to, then click Account Preferences.
  2. If you have a subscription, you’ll find an option in the Account Preferences page: Inset of screenshot of Account Preferences showing section labeled Personal Meeting Room with a blue button labeled, "Create my Personal Meeting Room"
  1. Click “Create my Personal Meeting Room”, and you’ll be given a session ID that is permanent and unique to you.
  2. To change the name of the room, click Rename. If, for whatever reason, you no longer want to use a particular Personal Meeting Room ID, click its Delete button. You can create a new Personal Meeting Room in its place.
  3. If you have a Standard or Standard+ subscription, you can create 1 Personal Meeting Room. If you subscribe to FarPlay For Teachers, you can create 10 Personal Meeting Rooms. This is great if you want to give different students different invitation links. For all subscriptions, you can only have 1 active session at a time.
  4. Once you’ve created your first Personal Meeting Room, you’ll notice that a menu now appears when you click New Session in the FarPlay app, allowing you to choose between using your Personal Meeting Room or a one-time session:
Screenshot of FarPlay's main window zoomed into New Session and Join Session buttons. The New Session has been clicked, revealing a context menu. The first item reads, "Create a one-time session." The second item reads, "Enter my personal meeting room (redacted)." When you’re in your Personal Meeting Room, you can copy its invitation link:
  1. Find the Session section at the bottom of FarPlay’s main window, click the Invite button, and choose Copy Invitation Link.

Using the Waiting Room

If a participant arrives before you’ve started a session in your Personal Meeting Room, they’ll be shown a message telling them to wait for you to start the session. They’ll automatically join the session when you join the session. You can turn the waiting room on and off when you’re in your Personal Meeting Room.
  1. Enter your Personal Meeting Room (see previous section).
In the Session section near the bottom of FarPlay’s main window, the unlocked padlock indicates that participants will join your session immediately upon arrival.
  1. Click the padlock to lock the session. Participants will be sent to the Waiting Room when they arrive.
When a participant arrives, they are shown a dialog box that tells them they’ve connected to your room and to wait for the session host to let them in. When they press OK, the Session section in their copy of FarPlay reads, “Waiting for connection…” until you choose to admit or deny them entry. Note: If the participant is using FarPlay 1.2.3 or older, the dialog box telling them to wait to be let in won’t appear. Instead, they’ll go directly to the session window and be shown the “Waiting for connection…” message. On your end, FarPlay pops up the Waiting Room window.
  1. Uncheck the “Pop up this window when new participants arrive” checkbox if you don’t want the Waiting Room window to pop up each time a participant arrives when your session is locked.
  2. Under “A participant is waiting to be admitted(“Participants are waiting to be admitted”), select the participant(s) you want to admit. Click Admit. The admitted guest(s) will join your session immediately.
  3. To deny entry to the selected participant(s), click the Deny button. On their end, they’ll see a dialog box that reads, “This session is not available right now.”
If you close the Waiting Room window without choosing to Admit or Deny any participants, the number of participants in the Waiting Room will remain unchanged and will be tracked by the red badge on the padlock icon.
  1. Click padlock with the badge to open the Waiting Room window.
  2. If the Waiting Room is empty (no red badge), click the locked icon to unlock the session.
When the Waiting Room is empty, you can still use FarPlay’s Session menu to change whether the Waiting Room pops up automatically each time a participant arrives.
  1. Mac:
  2. Windows:

Changing your subscription

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. In the My Account page that appears, click “Manage your subscription.”
  3. In the Manage your subscription page that appears, click “Update plan.”

Canceling your subscription

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. In the My Account page that appears, click “Manage your subscription.”
  3. In the Manage your subscription page that appears, click “Cancel plan.”