Reply To: Cameras not recognized

Hi Antti,

I have the same Logitech C920 camera and it works with no issues on HP ZBook running Windows 10. I’m sure the problem is the system configuration, not the device. The only possibly related system settings I’m aware of are those Camera permissions in Windows Privacy settings, you need to allow both general access to the camera and Desktop App access (another switch below the list of MS Store Apps). I assume they are both on based on what you wrote above. Normally FarPlay should appear in the list of Desktop apps.

Besides that, it’s most likely some 3rd party security software that blocks the camera access to FarPlay. Unfortunately, we have not yet accumulated enough knowledge base about such issues (they are actually quite rare among our users). As David mentioned we saw some problems with Norton software, and that’s probably all we saw. FarPlay is a new and not widely known app yet, and many security software consider the apps they know nothing about as potentially harmful. There probably should be some configuration options for BitDefender (or maybe you have other security software installed? Notebook vendors sometimes add their own device specific security components for example). Just temporary disabling such apps might not be enough in some cases AFAIK, they might make permanent changes to windows configs and install permanently active hooks to windows security system. Also, sometimes you might need to reboot after disabling (or turning off) security protection components.