Reply To: Cameras not recognized

Thank you Anton.

The BitDefender I have is a free version, and it doesn’t include “Video and Audio protection”, which is feature the premium version would have.

To me it simply seems that the camera won’t trigger with FarPlay somehow. 🤷‍♂️ All the other apps I’ve used so far show up as either Microsoft Store Apps or Desktop Apps in the Camera permissions list in Privacy Setting, but FarPlay does not.

Camera drivers can’t be updated further. Zoom, Skype, OBS, and Google Meet via Brave browser all work well with the cameras, and I don’t recall ever receiving prompts to allow camera access from BitDefender, so for now I’m going to skip giving its uninstall and reinstall a go. Maybe later.

Thank you for the help. I don’t see a solution that I could pull off for now, so I’ll look to FarPlay for audio and see for alternatives also.

Best regards and good tidings with the business!


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