Reply To: Cameras not recognized

Hi there David!

Perhaps there was something to BitDefender after all.

I tried to following, which is that I installed ManyCam, just to pick some webcam-enabled software I hadn’t tried. It installed without any prompts from Bitdefender or about the cameras. Both cameras worked right away, and the app got listed in Privacy Settings > Camera as a camera-enabled desktop app.

I then tried uninstalling FarPlay, and reinstalling it from a new download.

This time around the installer was picked up by Bitdefender for disinfection. That didn’t happen before, not did. I.e. it was not allowed to run.

I disabled Bitdefender so the install went through without issue, but either camera nonetheless did not work, or show up.

Thank you for your suggestions, they’re helpful, but I won’t put more time into figuring this out.

Thank you anyway and take care!