Reply To: connection fails after 3-4 min

Thank you for the session IDs and equipment. For those sessions, Anton found that it seems there were audio issues on your side.

Here are some ideas you can try.

  1. If the audio stops working, but you still see the other musician’s name, try clicking on FarPlay’s Devices > Headphones pull-down menu, clicking on No Audio, clicking the pull-down menu again, and then clicking on your desired audio device (“Focusrite USB ASIO” in the “ASIO devices” category, in your case). This resets your audio system without leaving the session altogether.
  2. Could you check that you’ve set up the audio the way explained in our QuickStart instructions (customized for Windows users using an external audio interface: These instructions make sure you select Focusrite’s low-latency ASIO drivers, rather than Windows’s built-in higher latency drivers, in FarPlay. (Using either set of drivers, the audio isn’t supposed to just stop, but we might as well make sure we’re using the best drivers).
  3. Please makes sure the computer is plugged into power and that “High Performance“/”Best Performance” is selected in power management settings ( Turn off power-saving on the USB controller you’re connecting the Scarlett to (
  4. If your Scarlett is connected to a USB hub, try connecting your Scarlett directly to a USB port on your PC.
  5. Have you tried changing the USB cable for the Scarlett? Is the USB cable snug? Try cleaning the USB port on the Scarlett (
  6. When using FarPlay, please quit all other applications that could try to use audio/the Scarlett.

Anton noted that you had seemingly successful sessions before and after the 2AB2C0 and 3A6FAF sessions. There are limitations to our logs. Were the sessions after the 2AB2C0 and 3A6FAF sessions successful?

Thank you,
David Liao

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