Reply To: connection fails after 3-4 min

Hi David

Yes, the sessions in between were successful but then again after some time (40-60 min) we have to stop and restart FARPLAY few times until we get both ends connected clearly.

PS: we opted for the standard subscription. When it works it’s amazing very low latency!

We had tried all of the above except the resetting of the Audio system. (I will try that next time)
* We checked our RJ-45s / internet speed etc. all OK

My last session ID was 6A9DAA.

another issue I’m having is my partner sees my video but I can’t see neither him nor myself. Although my video works in other APPs but not in FARPLAY. tried reinstalling changing camera etc, but nothing.
I’m browsing through the forum to see if any have similar issues 🙁

thanks for the help and research!