Reply To: Achieving minimal Latency

Dear Nicolas, Thank you for your setup details.

  1. Please check that the router you’ve connected your computer to (using your Ethernet cable) is the “main” router that is directly connected to the outside world. Please make sure you’re not connected through a mesh satellite/extender/secondary router or an Ethernet-over-Power/Powerline adapter.
  2. Try dragging the latency slider as far to the left as you can (stop when the amount of crackling is as high as you can comfortably tolerate). Then, to keep latency stable, click the Auto button to turn Auto latency adjustment off.

(Please have your student try the above items too).

How far apart are you and your student located? I get ~10 ms latencies when connecting to someone nearby (example: neighboring State) and on the same fiber internet service provider (fiber has lower latency than cable). A latency under 40 ms is possible between San Francisco and New York under good conditions.

Technical background on latency: