Reply To: external sound card and built-in microphone [combine audio from multiple input devices]

Yes! With FarPlay’s new input mixer, bringing in audio from multiple devices on a Mac is so easy! Create an aggregate audio device in Mac’s audio setup, choose that aggregate device as the input in FarPlay, and then use FarPlay’s mixer to choose the channels you’d like to include in the mix to send to your FarPlay session. Step-by-step instructions for a similar setup are at

And, yes, please turn off the monitors to avoid feedback.

Note: For current Macs (2016 and newer), we don’t recommend using the built-in microphone for making music in rhythmic sync. The built-in mic adds about 30 ms of latency, but if you’re just using the mic for “talkback,” that’s fine.

Try the setup above first. Then, if you’d like to use effects applied in a DAW, bring the sound from your Apogee into a DAW, and send your DAW’s output to BlackHole (or another virtual sound card). Include BlackHole in your aggregate device, and choose the appropriate channels in FarPlay’s mixer. This is a variation on the steps at

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