Reply To: standalone plugins and sound card

Hi David, up to now I have carried out the tests remotely with two of my friends who have a Mac mini and do not have a webcam or microphone: consequently the interpersonal communication was carried out via WhatsApp, while for the instrumental part the system worked I described in previous emails.

As far as my equipment is concerned, it consists of:
Imac 27 inches mid 2011 on OS High Sierra – Apogee Duet 2 –
I connect my guitar directly to the sound card so I have no problems with microphone feedback, I can use monitors and I don’t need headphones: until now due to the limited equipment of my partners I haven’t had the opportunity to test the functionality of the microphone and webcam integrated into the Mac…but certainly in the future there may be a problem of aggregate management of these two components integrated into the Mac with the external sound card.

From this perspective, in the “audio midi” configuration of the Mac I tried to create some alternative solutions as shown in the attached screenshots:

1) Duet USB in & out – setup I currently use and it works;
2) only Black Hole output: with this configuration I lose the audio (nothing reaches the monitors) and nothing reaches the FarPlay microphone;
3) Configuration carried out with a view to using the integrated microphone (for communicating) together with the external sound card (for playing)…;
4)Configuration in which I try to combine Duet 2 and Black Hole on output;
5) These are the solutions offered for the FarPlay microphone