Why should I try FarPlay when other low latency audio applications already exist?

  • FarPlay has a number of advantages over other low-latency solutions.

    First of all, FarPlay is an app created by musicians, for musicians: our overarching goal is to make FarPlay incredibly useful in actual real-world musical situations. As musicians, we constantly use FarPlay ourselves to rehearse, teach, and perform.

    We’ve worked hard to make FarPlay very easy to set up and use. In most cases, it just works right out of the box, no tweaking necessary. We’ve also made it accessible to everyone: FarPlay’s free mode doesn’t require any signup or subscription, making it easy for students to connect to their music teachers’ online studios right away or for musicians to join a rehearsal or jam.

    We also have the lowest latency in the business. FarPlay has latency management written from scratch that harnesses our co-founder Anton Runov’s decades-long experience in VoIP. In addition to our extremely efficient code base, we use direct peer-to-peer (p2p) connections between users to avoid delays that result when low latency audio services send audio through a central server.

    Unlike many of our competitors, FarPlay is an all-in-one solution, with built-in low-latency video and chat in addition to our state-of-the-art low-latency audio. We also offer extremely efficient multi-track, studio-quality audio and video recording. What’s more, these recordings, thanks to our unique buffering mechanism, don’t exhibit the audio glitches that you would find when recording with other solutions.

    FarPlay has a latency slider that makes it intuitive to adjust the balance between lowering latency and getting cleaner sound. This adjustment is needed when making the best of any low latency audio application, but FarPlay is unique in letting users make this adjustment so easily and intuitively.

    FarPlay provides highly accurate latency estimates. Other low latency audio applications give latency estimates that neglect a lot of the end-to-end delay between users.

    We also have unique, powerful advanced features: Standard+ subscribers can use Broadcast Output, which makes it easy to send a pristine copy of your live session audio to another application like a livestreaming platform.

    And trying FarPlay is free! The free mode has no expiration date, and the Standard and Standard+ subscriptions both come with your first month free. Download the latest version of FarPlay at https://farplay.io/download/.

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