Jamming Between Toronto and Athens

  • Hi Po,

    Your setups sound good. Do make sure that your Ethernet connections go all the way from your computers to your main routers. The main routers are the ones that receive the internet signals where they first come into your homes.

    For such a large distance, the latency might be in the ballpark of 80ms. Fast, rhythmic music will be hard to play together, but there are lots of kinds of music that can still work, and we’d be excited to hear how it goes.

    Thank you,
    David Liao

    hello David, thank you for your guidance.
    I have a Behhringer U-phoria mixer. I have connected and we will do a trial with Po soon.
    will let you know if any issues

    I connected my Presonus to the PC desktop and activated FarPlay. It detected the Presonus input but keeps telling me its waiting for connection. But the connection is good and via USB through ethernet, not wifi. So why wouldn’t it connect? There is no party at the other end. I just wanted to test my system.

    Hi Soumi, Are you using a Mac or a Windows PC? If you’re using a Windows PC, which model of Behringer U-Phoria mixer are you using (UM2, UMC202HD, etc.)?

    Hi Po, Thank you for your screenshot. To test your audio, please follow the steps in section 3. Configure and test your audio of our Quickstart instructions (the version for Windows users using an external audio interface is here). It’s perfectly fine to test while seeing “Waiting for connection…”, which just means no one else has joined you.

    Thank you,
    David Liao

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