Why would I want to subscribe?

FarPlay can be used in two ways: with a subscription, and without. In the open beta period, subscriptions are free.

Subscription benefits

With a subscription, the sessions you create are persistent. This means that if either participant leaves the session, the session stays open and you can rejoin using the same Session ID as before. Another benefit of having a subscription is being able to use Broadcast Output, a special feature of FarPlay that enables you to output artifact-free audio even when using a very low buffer size for monitoring. We plan to add many more features for subscribed users in the future.

Without a subscription, you may use FarPlay freely for one-to-one sessions, but if either participant leaves the session, the session will immediately end and they won't be able to rejoin. Additionally, you won't be able to use Broadcast Output.

How to subscribe

To get a FarPlay subscription, visit your account or sign up for one.

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