How to subscribe

To get a FarPlay subscription, visit your account or sign up. Once logged in, click Subscribe for 1 month. This will give you an active subscription.

Next, you'll need to add your computer to your list of authorized devices. First, open the FarPlay app on your computer and click Log in / Subscribe on the welcome page. This will take you to your account on the website, where you'll see a New Device Authorization for your computer. Click Authorize this device. Finally, return to the FarPlay app, where you'll now have access to premium features.

Why would I want to subscribe?

FarPlay can be used in two ways: with a subscription, and without. We want to make FarPlay as easily and widely accessible as possible. You can access all the basic features of FarPlay without a subscription, including starting and joining sessions. While this is true, subscriptions offer substantial benefits.

Subscription benefits

  • Persistent sessions
  • With a subscription, the sessions you create are persistent. This means that if either participant leaves the session, the session stays open and you can rejoin using the same Session ID as before.

  • Multitrack recording
  • With a subscription, FarPlay has built-in multitrack recording capability. This means that you can simply press the Start Recording button, and come away with a full-quality recording of your session as a multitrack (each participant on a synched separate track), a mix (a mix of the separate participants into one stereo track), or both. Better yet, the recording feature uses our unique Broadcast Output feature, which means that even if you choose to lower your latency so much that you hear some artifacts in your monitors while playing, the recording will be artifact-free.

  • Broadcast Output
  • With a subscription, FarPlay's Broadcast Output is enabled. This unique feature allows you to send artifact-free audio of the session as it's taking place to an audio device of your choice. This is tremendously useful if you'd like to use FarPlay for livestream performances. It enables you to use the lowest possible latency to hear the other participants, which may mean tolerating some audio artifacts in your monitors, while making no compromises in the audio quality you send to your audience.

    We are regularly adding new features for subscribed users.

Subscription costs

In the beta period, subscriptions are 100% free. Once we leave the beta period, we plan to keep the cost of subscriptions as affordable as possible, in the range of $5 per month. Our aim is to make FarPlay as widely accessible as we can. If you subscribe in the beta period, we'll let you know when we plan on moving to paid subscriptions. You'll then have the option of keeping your subscription as it is, or of moving to a free account.

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